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An eye-bar suspension bridge located 265.1 miles below Pittsburgh, PA it was the only bridge across the Ohio River between Middleport, OH and Huntington, WV. A major east-west connection for US Route 35 connecting Charleston, WV and major cities in Ohio. The Silver Bridge was also the local link for people doing business in both Point Pleasant, WV and Gallipolis, OH. Named the Silver Bridge because it was the first and in the end, the only bridge in the area painted with aluminum paint.

At approximately 5:04 pm December 15, 1967 the Silver Bridge Collapsed and forty-six people lost their lives. Forty-four bodies were recovered and two are still missing. This page is dedicated to those who lost their lives on that cold December day.

Those recovered:

E Albert Adler, Jr, Gallipolis, OH

Julius Oliver "J.O." Bennett, Walnut Cove, NC

Leo Blackman, Richmond, VA

Kristye Boggs, Vinton, OH

Margaret Boggs, Vinton, OH

Hilda Byus, Point Pleasant, WV

Kimberly Byus, Point Pleasant, WV

Melvin Cantrell, Gallipolis Ferry, WV

Thomas A Cantrell, Gallipolis, OH

Donna Jean Casey, Galliipolis, OH

Cecil Counts, Gallipolis Ferry, WV

Horace Cremeans, Route 1, Gallipolis, OH

Harold Cundiff, Winston-Salem, NC

Alonzo Luther Darst, Cheshire, OH

Alma Duff, Point Pleasant, WV

James Hawkins, Westerville, OH

Bobby L Head, Gallipolis, OH

Forrest Raymond Higley, Bidwell, OH

Alva B Lane, Route 1, Gallipolis, OH

Thomas "Bus" Howard Lee, Gallipolis, OH

G H Mabe, Jamestown, NC

Darlene Mayes, Kanauga, OH

Gerald McMannus, South Point, OH

James Richard Maxwell, Gallipolis, OH

James F Meadows, Point Pleasant, WV

Timothy Meadows, Point Pleasant, WV

Frederick D Miller, Gallipolis, OH

Ronnie G Moore, Gallipolis, OH

Nora Isabelle Nibert, Gallipolis Ferry, WV

Darius E Northup, Gallipolis Ferry, WV

James O Pullen, Middleport, OH

Leo "Doc" Sanders, Point Pleasant, WV

Ronald Sims, Gallipolis, OH

Charles T Smith, Bidwell, OH

Erma Letha Smith, Bidwell, OH

Maxine Sturgeon, Kanauga, OH

Denzil Taylor, Point Pleasant, WV

Glenna Mae Taylor, Point Pleasant, WV

Robert Eugene Towe, Cana, VA

Victor William Turner, Point Pleasant, WV

Marvin Wamsley, Point Pleasant, WV

Lillian Eleanor Wedge, Point Pleasant, WV

Paul D Wedge, Point Pleasant, WV

James Alfred White, Point Pleasant, WV

Still Missing:

Kathy Byus, Point Pleasant, WV

Maxine Turner, Point Pleasant, WV

FFrom your web mistress: I was living in Point Pleasant at the time of the collapse and was supposed to go shopping in Gallipolis around 4:30 pm with a friend who ended up working late. My father turned the lights on the tragedy so that the rescue workers could continue after dark that first night. There, but for the grace of God, I am still here.
Other survivors stories:

The River Museum where you will find a model of the Silver Bridge and some additional pictures

The River Museum's own web site

Special Edition Point Pleasant Register December 16, 1967

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