Mason County Births

NOTICE: The information on these pages has come from various sources. I am using Web master/Web mistress for the names I have added from these sources. If you have any additions, corrections, or verification that can be added, please send email by clicking on my name at the bottom of the page and I will be glad to add it. As always use this information for guidance only, not fact. As best I can tell from gleaning this information, these folks were actually born in Mason County. If you are looking for someone's birth who lived in Mason County but are not finding anything there be sure and check the Ohio county that borders the portion of Mason County where your ancestors lived. These folks crossed the river frequently and did business back and forth across the river.


I had a request to add the birthdate to the surname pages, which I have done. Do not think this is the only information, please click on the surname link for additional information. Not all names have the birthdate, this will be updated as information and corrections are added.

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