Company "K" Sixth West Virginia Infantry

Compiled by Linda Cunningham Fluharty.

The James H. Norman Homestead
(Photo by Thomas D. Ladner)


Pension Index Card - James H. Norman

According to the marriage record of JAMES HENRY NORMAN, he was born in Preston County, (West) Virginia, and his parents were James Norman and Mary Motes.

James has not been found in the 1850, 1860 or 1870 census records.

On June 17, 1869, in Tucker County, West Virginia, James H. Norman, 20, married Cate McKimmey, 18, both born in Preston County. His parents are stated as Jas. Norman & Mary Motes; hers were James & Mary McKimmey.

1880 Census, Union District, Preston County, West Virginia
James Norman, 30, Farming, b Va
Catherine, 29, b Va
Lillie, 5, b W Va
Sibbie, 2, b W Va
Archibald, 6 months, b W Va

1900 Census, Frost, Clare County, Michigan
James H. Norman, 51, b May 1849 W Va, married 30 yrs, Farmer
Katherine, 49, b Sept 1850 W Va
Archibald N.W., 20, b Dec 1879 W Va
Henry C. L., 18, b Mar 1882 W Va
Virginia A., 15, b Oct 1884 W Va
Bessie C., 12, b Sept 1887 W Va
Minnie E., 10, b Dec 1889 W Va
Peter Boots, 42, Wd, b Dec 1857 NY

1910 Census, Frost, Clare County, Michigan
James H. Norman, 64, married 40 yrs, Farmer, b W Va
Katherine, 59, Gave birth to 14 children, 7 living, b W Va
James C. Grundy, Grandson, 13, b Michigan
Anna C. Grundy, Granddaughter, 12, b Michigan
Leo E. Grundy, Grandson, 9, b Michigan

1920 Census, Missaukee, Holland County, Michigan
James H. Norman, 73, Farmer, b W Va
Catherine, 69, b W Va
Henry, Son, 37, Widowed, b W Va
James R., Grandson, 12, b Michigan

James Henry Norman died on February 12, 1930 at Beaverton, Gladwin County, Michigan. He is buried at Evergreen Cemetery Frost Township, Clare County, Michigan.

(Photo by Thomas D. Ladner)

(Photo by Thomas D. Ladner)