Company "D" 3rd West Virginia Cavalry

Presented by Linda Cunningham Fluharty.

     Born in Yorkshire England, William Thompson married Elizabeth Hugill 27 Nov 1853 at Graystone Church, Yorkshire England. Before 1860, they immigrated to the United States and settled in Marion County, (West) Virginia.

1860 Census, Village of Newport, District 3, Marion County, (W) Virginia
William Thompson, 33, Laborer, $70 personal estate, b Yorkshire, Eng.
Elizabeth Thompson, 24, b Yorkshire, Eng.
Elizabeth Snowden, 11, b Yorkshire, Eng.

     William enlisted 3 Sep 1862 and served in Company "E" 3rd West Virginia Cavalry; he was discharged 6 June 1865 at Alexandria, Virginia.

1870 Census, Marion County, West Virginia
William Thompson, 44, Teamster, $300 personal estate, b Yorkshire, Eng.
Elizabeth Thompson, 32, Keeping House, b Yorkshire, Eng.
John C. Thompson, 10, At Home, b Va.
Mary J. Thompson, 7, At Home, b Va.
Ann E., 4, At Home, b Va.

     Elizabeth died of consumption 10 August 1874 at Marion County. Her birth date may have been 23 June 1836, if statement by second wife is understood correctly. William was then married to Sarah L. (Leanna) Glasscock 17 Feb 1878, in Marion County by Rev. James A. McElfresh.

1880 Census, Union District, Marion County, West Virginia
William Thompson, 52, Farmer, Eng. Eng Eng.
Levana? Thompson, 45, Keeping House, WV WV WV [Elizabeth Levana or Leanna Glasscock]
J. C. Thompson, Son, 19, WV Eng. WV [error]
Mary Jane Thompson, Dau., 17, WV Eng. WV [error]
Anna,13, Dau., WV Eng. WV [error]
Christanna, Dau, 8, WV Eng. WV

     The original pension application of William Thompson was filed 13 Oct 1885 and he received pension certificate 396.573, because of "disease of testicles, scrotum, groin, rheumatism and resulting disease of heart." At the time of his death he was receiveing $17 per month. He died at home 2 June 1898 of delerium tremens, according to a physician, but this was later disputed by his widow, as she sought to obtain a pension.

     Sarah L. Thompson filed for a pension 13 June 1898 and it was rejected because the cause of soldier's death, allegedly related to alcoholism and heavy drinking in the days preceding his death, was not the same as diseases he claimed pension for. A special examination ensued and Mrs. Thompson was eventually awarded pension certificate ##489483 and received $8 a month until her death 26 May 1900.

     The widow had inherited 70 acres from her father, which she deeded to William Thompson's two daughters, Mary Jane Thompson and Annie E. Thompson Robinson (w/o J. Emmery Robinson), on 9 Nov 1889. They deeded it back to her 12 Dec 1890 for her use during her natural life.

     Affidavit of William A. Lewellen (similar to many others), in same company as William Thompson, 17 Dec 1887: "Said Thompson being on detail and acting as one of General Sheridan's body guard and being mounted the time, his horse fell with him throwing him under the horse thereby crushing him and causing an extremely severe injury to his right side and chest and the lower part of his abdomen and hips injuring his testicles so as to cause varicocele of testicles and urinary troubles." There is a record of him being treated by the regimental surgeon for these conditions "at or near Middletown, Va., Oct 19, 1864."

     This pension file is very large with numerous supporting affidavits on behalf of the soldier and then his widow. File donated to the West Virginia State Archives.