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Campaigning with the 17th Virginia Cavalry, Night Hawks at Monocacy.

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Biographical Sketches & Additional Information
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Lewis Ross Hoff
Hugh "Nelson" McLaughlin
Henry Knopp
John "Brooks" Kessel
Fielding Rose

Dear Sir...Dear Miss...
The Letters of Granville B. Mann
Company A, 30th Battalion Virginia Sharpshooters
Miss Lucinda Maria Virginia (Chandler) Mann

The book contains a brief history of the regiment as well as a genealogy of the Mann family in West Virginia. The book has over 45 letters from Granville and Lucinda and gives an excellent insight into the lives of two young people who loved each other very much. The book contains 70 pages and has many period photographs of the Mann family as well as various Civil War artifacts that belonged to the couple. The Mann and Chandler families were from Monroe County, West Virginia. The book contains many letters dealing with the home front in Monroe County and Granville's military life in the Confederate Army.

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