Company "I" 14th W. Va. Infantry


Some information submitted by William Frederick Porter, gr-gr-grandson.

     James Frederick Porter served in Company "I", 14th Regiment W.Va. Infantry Volunteers. According to the 1864 Adjutant General's Report, at age 20, James mustered in 11 Sep 1862. He was wounded at Lynchburg 17 June 1864. On July 16, 1879, he filed for a government pension; his certificate number is 208.800.

     Born in 1844, James was the son of John & Martha Porter.

1850 Census of Eastern District, Monongalia County, (W) Va.
John Porter, 32, Laborer, b Va.
Martha, 28, b Va.
James F., 6, b Va.
Susanna, 5, b Va.
Alfred, 2, b Va.
Mary Jane, 7 months, b Va.

1860, District 3, Monongalia County, (W) Va.
John Porter, 42, Day Laborer, $75 personal estate, b Va.
Martha, 38, b Va.
James, 16, b Va.
Susan, 14, b Va.
Alfred, 12, b Va.
Martha, 5, b Va.
Bassel, 2, b Va.

1870 Census, Union Township, Monongalia County, W. Va.
James Porter, 37 (error), farmer, b WV
Liddy, 24, b WV
May, age 3, b WV

1880 Census, Union Township, Monongalia County
Porter, James, 36, Farming, VA VA VA
Lydia, 34, Wife, Keeping House, WV VA VA
Carrie, 14, Daughter, WV VA VA
Mary, 12, Daughter, WV VA VA
Eskel, 10, Daughter, WV VA VA
Hattie, 7, Daughter, WV VA VA
Frank, Son, 5, WV VA VA
Charlotte, 2, Daughter, WV VA VA

1900 Census, District 86, Union Township, Monongalia County
Porter, James, Head, Farmer, b Mar 1844, 56, married 41 years, WV WV WV
Lidda, Wife, 53, b Jan 1847, 10 children/9 living, WV WV WV
Alvin, Son, 20, b Oct 1879, WV WV WV
Nellie, Daughter, 18, b Jan 1882, WV WV WV
Daisy, Daughter, 16, b Mar 1884, WV WV WV
Fred, Son, 13, b Oct 1886, Farm Laborer, WV WV WV
Russel, 11, b Dec 1888, Farm Laborer, WV WV WV

     The wife of James Franklin Porter was Lydia Beatty. The daughter of Robert and Mary (Conn - not confirmed) Beatty, Lydia is found with the family in 1850.

1850 Census of Eastern District, Monongalia County, (W) Va.
Robert Beaty, 42, Carpenter, $569 Real Estate, b Va.
Mary, 41, b Va.
James, 20, b Va.
Sophia, 17, b Va.
William, 15, b Va.
Thomas, 13, b Va.
John, 9, b Va.
George, 8, b Va.
Lydia, 5, b Va.
Caroline, 1, b Va.

     Lydia (Beatty) Porter died in 1909 and James F. died in 1921. He was not found in census records after 1900. His pension file may contain the infomation of his whereabouts following his wife's death.

     Members of the Porter family are buried at Blaney Cemetery, located on Rt. 857 east of Morgantown in Monongalia County, W. Va. These names were copied from the Monongalia WVGenWeb Archives: [ftp://ftp.rootsweb.com/pub/usgenweb/wv/monongalia/cemetery/blaneyfm.txt] - In parentheses are the identities, derived at by this writer.

Porter, Basil D b. 1858 d. 1906 (s/o John and Martha Porter)
Porter, Frank b. 1875 d. 1912 (s/o James Franklin Porter & Lydia Beatty)
Porter, James F b. 1844 d. 1921 - Civil War Veteran. (s/o John & Marthy; husband of Lydia Beatty)
Porter, John D. b. --- d. 10/6/1869 - Father - 52 Yrs 3 Mos 19 D (husband of Martha; f/o James Franklin Porter)
Porter, Lottie b. 5/19/1875 d. 3/2/1950 (possibly Charlotte, d/o James & Lydia Porter)
Porter, Lydia A. b. 1846 d. 1909 (d/o Robert & Mary Beatty; w/o James Franklin Porter)
Porter, Marthy d. 09/20/1899 - Mother - 78 Yrs 8 Mos 3 D "unreadable w/o John Porter" (Mother of James Franklin Porter)

Notes from William F. Porter, gr-gr-grandson:

I have his Civil War discharge medal as well as the bullet that was taken out of his neck sometime after the war. I did not know where he was wounded but it was probably Lynchburg as stated int he records. He had apparently been captured and was escaping with another soldier when he was struck with a round in the neck. It was a nonfatal wound and the bullet did not cause complications so they left it in, until sometime later.

James Frederick Porter (1844) had more than one child, but I am not familiar with any but my great grandfather, Charles Frederick Porter, born Sept. 13, 1888, and died May 12, 1948. He built a farm at 568 Bunker Hill Road in Gans, Fayette County, PA. The House is still there and is in good shape. The barns and other run-ins are starting to fall apart. The owner is now Frances Wolfe whose father's mother was a Porter. I would like to research the land records someday and see the dates of the landowner changes etc. I've been told that Charles Frederick Porter was deeded a couple acres on the property, but could never locate the paperwork.

Charles Frederick Porter (my great grandfather) married Berniece Dewitt (b March 14, 1892; d July 30, 1985). They were married on May 4, 1910.

Charles Frederick Porter and Berniece Dewitt Porter had several children, one of whom was my grandfather.

Charles Edward "Ed" Porter, b June 5, 1911
Vera Alberta Porter (Bowers), b July, 14 1912; d 12 January 2000 in Baltimore, MD
Blance Rebecca "Becky" Porter, b November 30, 1913
Clara Josephine Porter, b May 3, 1917
Carl DeWitt Porter, born October 31, 1921 (still alive and I am still in contact with him)
Thelma Porter, unknown DOB
Evelyn Porter, unknown DOB
Beatrice Marie Porter, March 25, 1925 to June 25, 1925
James Frederick Porter, b July 29, 1915; d Sept 7, 1995.

James Frederick Porter was my grandfather. He married my grandmother, Edith Mae Wilkins, born Jan 10, 1916; died December 25, 2005. They were married on March 15, 1941 at Walter Reed by a U.S. Army Chaplin. They were the parents of my father, James Frederick Porter, and Patricia Louise Porter.

Reference the children of Charles and Berniece, they all went to a school called Bunker Hill School. The school was torn down maybe 15 or 20 years ago. I have an old desk from the school in my family room.

1930 Census, District 95, Springhill, Fayette County, Pa.
Porter, Charles F., Head, 42, Age 23 at time of marriage, Labor Odd Jobs, WV WV WV
Bernic C., Wife, 38, age 18 at time of marriage, PA PA PA
Vera A., Daughter, 17, PA WV PA
Blanch R., Daughter, 16, PA WV PA
James F., Son, 14, PA WV PA
Clara J., Daughter, 12, PA WV PA
Carl D., Son, 8, PA WV PA