Captain, Company "H" 11th W. Va. Infantry

Researched & compiled by Linda Cunningham Fluharty.

Captain Lewis Smith, born about 1815 in Loudoun, Virginia, was the son of Colonel James M. Smith and Mary Berry, who had moved from Virginia to Belmont County, Ohio.

Lewis Smith married Nancy Burris on June 8, 1836 in West Alexander, Pennsylvania and they are found in the 1850 Federal Census of Pease Township, Belmont County. In 1860, they were residents of Wetzel County, (West) Virginia, Knob Fork Post Office. Their children, per census records, were Nancy, Louisa, Martin Van Buren, Margaret, Louis W., Sylvania/Virginia and Amanda B.

(Lewis might be the man of that name who was named postmaster at Silver Hill in 1860.)

Lewis Smith was 47 when he entered service in 1861. “Served as private from 5 Sep 1861 to 16 Aug 1862 at which time he was commissioned Captain. Served as Captain from thence to the 15 Sep 1863 at which time he was dismissed the service by sentence of Court Martial at Clarksburg, West Va.” (Was made Captain 6 Sep 1862 to rank 16 Aug. 1862.) “Court Martialed and dismissed from the service on September 14, 1863.”

The next day, George W. Parriott was promoted to Captain to take the place of Lewis Smith. He was commissioned Captain 12 Oct 1863 to date from 15 Sept. 1863.

West Virginia Adjutant General’s Records (microfilm): “Lewis Smith, age 47. Promoted from 1st Sergeant and commissioned Captain Sept. 6, 1862, to rank Aug. 15, 1862; dismissed Sept. 14, 1863.”

The details of the Court Martial are not stated in his Service Record, but apparently he was "in arrest" from May 30, 1863 until he was dismissed following his Court Martial trial.


According to an old gravestone at Hoskins Cemetery, Wetzel County, Lewis Smith died in April 1864. Through an apparent oversight, someone acquired what appears to be a government marker for his grave, which dishonorably discharged men are not entitled. The age of Lewis Smith was deciphered from the old stone as "30" but this is clearly an error. He was 47 when he enlisted in 1861 and if he died in 1864, he was about 50.


In 1870, Lewis’ widow, Nancy Smith, was residing in Center Township, Wetzel County, Belton Post Office, with the following children: Margaret A., Lewis W., Virginia (Is this Sylvania?) and Amanda. This was the vicinity of the Hoskins Cemetery where he’s buried.

Nancy Smith, the widow of Lewis, and also one of his children, filed an application for a government pension on May 1, 1886. NO certificate was issued. The Service Record of Lewis Smith indicates that his record had been reviewed in 1887, no doubt in response to the pension application. In any case, the applications were denied; no pension would be awarded for one who was dismissed from the service.


Note about the Court Martial & Dismissal: I have found a number of cases in which the "dismissed" soldier was later cleared of wrong doing and an honorable discharge was issued. No such record has been found for this man but he died less than a year after his dismissal. If the Court Martial record is found, it will be posted here at a later date. --- LCF]