Tyler County, West Virginia Postcards & Photos

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Photography Terminology
Middle Island Creek - [Brad Weekley]
Middlebourne Historical Marker - [Historical Marker Database]
Sistersville, Bird's Eye View, 1896 - [Library of Congress]
First Tyler Bank & Trust, Sistersville - [Ivy Shaffer]
Sistersville City Hall - [Library of Congress]
Sistersville City Building - [Ivy Shaffer]
Sistersville Post Office - [Library of Congress]
Wells Inn, Sistersville - [Library of Congress]
E. A. Durham House, Sistersville - [Library of Congress]
718 Main Street, Sistersville, built 1895 - [Library of Congress]
809 Main Street, Sistersville, Wells Family, c 1900 - [Library of Congress]
Wells St., Sistersville, Looking South, Sistersville - [Linda Fluharty]
Masonic Temple, Sistersville - [Linda Fluharty]
M. E. Church, Sistersville, 1916 - [Linda Fluharty]
Bird's Eye View, Sistersville - [Linda Fluharty]
Sarah Wells McCoy - [Carol McCoy]
Carol McCoy Tracing Tombstone of Joseph McCoy, Jr., Polly Archer Cemetery


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