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Chauncey's Blood: A Hiram Robinett Novel of the Civil War
By Curtis Robinette, curtjrobinette@gmail.com

NEW - JUNE 2024!!!!


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Schramm book

This pictorial history of radio station WWVA is the 5th book compiled by Wheeling native, Robert Schramm, who died at his West Liberty home in June 2014. Highly regarded in the Wheeling area community, he was described in his obituary as "a scientist, educator, historian, archivist, museum curator, astronomer, musician, author, award-winning photographer, Daguerreotypist..." - The book is published by James Thornton at Creative Impressions, Wheeling, and contains a wealth of photos, as well as interviews, including one with Brad Paisley. - The 188 page book is available in the Wheeling area at Words & Music, The Artisan Center Gift Shop, Miklas' Meat Market, the UPS Store, Washington Avenue Kroger (Mt. De Chantal Road) - $29.99 - For ordering information, see wheelinghistory.net/

Victorian Cards

This book by Tony Paree, published by James Thornton at Creative Impressions, is very beautifully done! It is 188 pages of rare, full-color, Victorian Trade Cards that were published by countless Wheeling area businesses to promote their products. The author includes well-researched Wheeling history to provide the context for the cards. - An amazing publication! - The book is available in the Wheeling area at Words & Music, The Artisan Center Gift Shop, Miklas' Meat Market, the UPS Store, Washington Avenue Kroger (Mt. De Chantal Road) - $29.99 - For ordering information, see wheelinghistory.net/

114 Fourteenth Street
Wheeling, WV 26003

Jim Thornton, cre8m@comcast.net

Creative Impressions sells BOOKS, VIDEOS & POSTERS related to the Wheeling Area.



P. E. Photechnical Services, owned by Brenda & Sam Seabright, offers an array of services to restore, change and repair photos, as well as copy slides, tapes, photos, negatives and vinyl records to CD or DVD.



with Reprint of The Fort Henry Story

Compiled by Gary Timmons.

44 pages; 650+ names - Cost: $12, including shipping.

Gary Timmons, 13 Elm Lane, Wheeling, WV 26003


The Cemeteries of Ohio County, West Virginia is a joint endeavor of the author, Glenna Dillon, and the Wheeling National Heritage Area Corporation, 1400 Main Street, Wheeling, WV 26003. The book is 8 1/2" X 11" and contains 195 pages. It is available for $20, Monday through Saturday, at the Wheeling Artisan Center, 1400 Main Street, downtown Wheeling.



New book, that updates and greatly expands the Gosney Family genealogy is coming your way. This book covers Gosneys and collateral family lines for over 300 years of American history.

  • 2 volume, 8 1/2 x 11, hard bound, over 1400 pages, on acid-free paper.
  • Full index with over 28,000 names, listing females by maiden and marriage names.
  • The 3 main branches of Gosneys with collateral families, plus a major Twig and several "Gosney Waif" lines, not yet connected to the Gosney tree.
    Early Gosney family tree chart of 5 generations in the front of each volume.
  • Shows movement from Virginia shore through Kentucky, Missouri, etc. to west coast.
  • Extensive documentation of family data with sources cited.
  • Appendix for geographical locations with Gosneys or collateral families in all 50 states.
  • Appendix listing cemeteries with driving directions.
  • Shows bloodlines, how they relate and spouse's parents' names when known.
  • Cross referenced for multiple marriages and lineages.
  • Some collateral family names are Adams, Allen, Allender, Anderson, Aulick, Baker, Barton, Belk, Bills, Bowers, Brann, Bradford, Bray, Bryan, Burton, Buckner, Byrd, Caldwell, Chapman, Clanton, Cox, Crow, Daniel, Davis, Dawson, Deatherage, Derringer, Dudley, Dunaway, Fisk, Flood, Foster, Garrett, Griffin, Hackamack, Hall, Harrison, Helm, Hopkins, Jones, Lummis / Loomis, Maddox, Melton, Merricks, Mullins, Mustain, Price, Prichard, Pruitt, Randall, Ritz, Sasnett, Shelton, Simpson, Smith, Strode, Tarvin, Thornton, Waibel, Ward, West, Yancey, Yeatts, Yelton, and many many more.
  • Limited printing.

    Price: $175.00, includes shipping and handling.

    Send payment and order form below (copy, paste, print) to:
    Beth Shields
    11660 68th Ave.
    Seminole, FL 33772

    For more information call 727-397-0800 or email Gosney7@aol.com

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  • Decendants of Conrad Bower, Martin Easterday Sr., John Hoover Sr.,
    & Gabriel Swinehart Sr. Families: from Colonial Maryland to Ohio in the 1800's.

    by Arlene F. Mansfield

         The hardbound book is indexed, includes maps and photographs, and contains over 5,000 names. There are 50 pages of references, as well as early history of Jefferson and Harrison Counties, Ohio.

         The book is divided into fourt parts: Part I and II includes eleven generations descended from Conrad Bower and Martin Easterday II. Three of Martin Easterday's sons married three of Conrad Bower's daughters. Part III and IV is a compilation of the descendants of John Hoover Sr. and Gabriel Swinehart Sr. Some of the collateral lines include Butterfield, Dague, Friend, Hines, Grimm, Long, Minnick, Neff, Polen, Stemple, Swichard, Trushel and Tope families - and many others.

         Price: $32.50, including shipping.

         Send a check or Money Order to:
         Arlene F. Mansfield
         498 Quartz Street
         Los Alamos, NM 87544

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