About This Site

     This website, the first online to honor the Pioneer Nurses of West Virginia, is in conjunction with my other West Virginia sites that memorialize our ancestors, as well as the history of West Virginia.

     For the purposes of this website, the Pioneer Nurses are those who were nurses in West Virginia from the 1860s through 1935. The year 1935 was chosen when I bought a vintage booklet that contains a list of all registered nurses in West Virginia from the time licensing was required (1907), through 1935.

     Also included here are the nurses from West Virginia who served in wars, from the Civil War through the Korean War.

     But this site will NOT be limited to only those nurses (pre-1935) who were "registered." There were MANY early nurses who practiced as nurses but were never licensed. Some graduated from organized schools of nursing and others studied under a physician. Legally, if they didn't get a license when it became a requirement, they weren't registered nurses - - but they were, indeed, nurses. They will be included in a separate section.

     Visitors to this site are invited to submit photos and biographies of the nurses.

     The page, Caps & Pins, is for pictures of the cap and pin awarded to graduates of each nursing school in West Virginia. - Again, you are invited to submit photos for this section.

--Linda Cunningham Fluharty