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This page is the home of the Mineral County West Virginia GenWeb project, and was adopted by us in 1999.

If you have any information or corrections you would like to see added to the site , please let us know.
Although we strive to provide correct information on the Mineral County Site, much information is donated and is not verified. We recommend that you obtain documentaion for proof and accuracy in your personal records.
We are always looking for new lookup volunteers for Mineral County queries. If you are interested in being a lookup specialist please contact us.

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Patti McDonald

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About the West Virginia GenWeb Project

In June of 1996, a group of genealogists organized the West Virginia GenWeb project. The idea was to provide a single entry point for all counties in West Virginia, where collected databases would be stored and queries and lookup volunteers could be posted.

Mineral County Resources

Here's a couple of addresses to the local archives of Mineral County.

Keyser-Mineral Public Library
105 N. Main St.
Keyser, WV 26726

Mineral County Court House
150 Armstrong St.
Keyser, WV 26726


Mineral County Resource Lookup Volunteers

To request a Mineral County lookup from any of the references, click on the address of the owner and ask them politely. The only criteria for this service is that your ancestor must have lived in Mineral County. Due to popular global interest for lookups, we only have time for Mineral County researchers, Sorry Y'all! As you can see, volunteers are needed. If you can help out, please contact Patti McDonald or Michelle Staggs. Also we would like to take a minute to thank Mary, Debbie, and Ron and Barbara for all their help to better serve the genealogical community for the Mineral County WVGenWeb.


Some Mineral County Cemeteries Records

Ron McAvoy

1880 Census of Mineral County

Mary Hitt
Melissa Barker
Larry Heffner

Lookups in the Ridgeley-Carpendale Areas

Barbara Algieri

WV Resources - Books and CD's

Janna Hall

Books I Own

Anita Joshlin

Books I Own

Sharon Knotts

Cant find your ancestor in MineralCounty? Try the surrounding counties.

Garrett County, MD

Grant County, WV

Allegany County, MD

Hampshire County, WV



Submit and view Mineral County Queries
Our Query System changed in February 1999. All queries posted before then are below. Thanks for your time and participation!

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