Crab Creek Road between Mohrtown and Arlee
These pictures and information submitted by Renee Paulson
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1913 Woods School
On Millstone Road near Hogsett in Mason Co., WV
Vivian Long (my grandma) gave the newspaper in Pt Pleasant the picture & she listed the names of the kids:
1st row: Ralph Bright, Bill Gaskins, Everette Pearson, Bill Burris, Okey Taylor, Easom Burris, + 2 boys unknown
2nd Row: "Fed" Bright, Willie Crawford, Boyd Duncan, unknown girl, unknown girl, Emma Burris, Willa Hereford Mulford (teacher), Ethel Stover, Edna Long, Vivian Long, Ruth Gaskins, Lula Crawford, Golda Crawford
3rd Row: Harvey Duncan, Bill Bright, Henry Duncan, Steve Bright, Anne Blain, Emma Jones, Leona Burris,
Lee Burris, Henry Woods. Renee Paulson
FAMILY INFO/CENSUS: 1910 Census (3 yrs before this picture) showing the kids & their families.
Mason Co, Clendenin, p.57b: hh#90
: Charles Burris(29), Bertha(27), Emmie Burris(8), Carrie(6), Estel(4), Charles(2) hh#92: Edward L Burris(28), Cora(24), May(7), Leona Burris(5), Easom Burris(3) hh#93: William Burris(40), Mary(26), Elmer(16), Lawrence(14), Lee Burris(12), Basil(1)
Mason Co, Clendenin, p.58a: William R Woods(52)WD, Pearle(19), May(17), Oshee(15), Eliza(13), William H Woods(10).
Mason Co, Clendenin, p.58b: hh#107: Henry J Gaskins(83), Gusta(39),Maggie(18),Ethel(16),Thomas R(12),Gertrude(11), William Gaskins(7), Ruth Gaskins(5), Sylvia(2) hh#108: Robert Jones(52), Martha(52), William H(31), Gusta(25), George(22), Charles(18), Emma Jones(12) hh#115: Sanford Long(42), Sarah(38), Brownie(15), Elmie Woods(12)"step dau", Vivian Long(5), Edna Long(4)
Mason Co, Clendenin, p.59a:
: Stephen Bright(43), Jane(38), Luella(21), Bertha(19), Clara(13), Stephen Bright(10) hh#122: Philip Bright(38), Matilda(43), William Bright(11), Randolph Bright(8), Ralph Bright(7), Everett(5), John P.Lanier(23)"step", Harry Lanier(21)"step" (Randall's nickname was "Fed") hh#123: James G Duncan(59), Marcella(55), Mary E(34), James(33) WD, Morton(21), Minnie(16), & Grandkids: Henry Duncan(10), Harvey Duncan(10), Arena(8), Boyd Duncan(6), James(2)
Mason Co, Clendenin, p.59b: hh#124: William Pearson(30), Lura(28),Rosa(19),Earnest Pearson(7),Elmie(4),Lelan(2) (Earnest listed as Everette in pic.) hh#126: Emory Stover(35), Cora(29), Bessie M(12), Ethel Stover(8), Harry B(3) hh#132: Mary Taylor(44)Wd, Earnest(22),Ira(18),Lelan(16),Carl(14),Gilbert(12), Bessie(6), Vernon(5) -?Oakey Taylor's family?
Mason Co, Clendenin, p.54b:Wm Crawford(39),Nancy(38),Allie A(13),William W. Crawford(9),Lula Crawford(6),Charles(3), Bessie(1)
Mason Co, Clendenin, p. 39a: Joseph h Crawford(35), Belle(34), Goldie Lewis(6)"step". (listed as Golda Crawford on pic & 1920 census)
4 Children not Identified by Vivian Long. Also, who do Bill Burris & Oakey Taylor Belong to? Cant find Anne Blain or Blair?
Teacher is dau of Robert & Grace Hereford - 1900 census listed as Willie M Hereford b. 6-1895. Renee Paulson 8/2004 :

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1923 Woods School
Mason County, West Virginia
1st Row: Oakey Stover, Milburn Kinnaird, Herbert Snodgrass, Charles Patterson, Earl Stover, Bill Duncan,
Brady Duncan, Robert Burris
2nd Row: Tib Duncan, Myrtle Duncan, Harry Stover, Opal Snodgrass, Irene Burris, Odis Burris, Evelyn Henry
3rd Row(Starts mid-pic): Brownie Duncan, Hilda Long, Basil Burris, Vivian Long, George Kinnaird
4th Row: Garland Caudill(teacher), Russell Henry, Belva Duncan, Earnest Pearson, Lottie Kinnaird, Joe Kinnaird,
Edna Long, John Kinnaird, and Ora Henry.
FAMILY INFORMATION & CENSUS: The kids in this picture lived around Pearle & Elma Woods. The class picture was my grandma's and she submitted it to the Pt Pleasant Newspaper in the 70s along with a class picture from 1913. Renee Paulson
1920 Census showing the kids in the picture with their families:
Mason Co,Clendenin,p.5a,hh#72: Alonzo Burris(63), Sarah(46), Alonzo G.(2yr2mo), Vivian Long(15) Stepdau, Edna Long(14) Stepdau, Hilda Long(9) Stepdau. (Vivian, Edna & Hilda were daughters of Sanford Long & Sarah Lanier. Alonzo Burris was Sarah's 3rd husband)
Mason Co, Clendenin,p.4b,hh#71: William Burris(51), Mary(34), Basil Burris(10), Robert Burris(8), Arene Burris(6), Basha?(4), Everett(1), Charles Patterson( 7)"nephew". (William is Alonzo Burris's brother)
Mason Co, Clendenin,p.1a,hh#9: Stanley Burris(29), Grace(27), Odis Burris(5), Marie(2), Opal(10 mo). (Stanley is Clarence Stanley Burris married Grace Lanier. Stanley is Alonzo's Burris's son from his first marriage).
Mason Co, Clendenin,p.3b,hh#43: Earnest Duncan(35), Ella(31), Belva Duncan(12), Brownie Duncan(10), Brady Duncan(8), Bula(6), Buren(4), Bracy(2). (Earnest is Worthey Earnest Duncan married Ella Stover)
Mason Co, Clendenin,p.3b,hh#45: Emory Stover(45),Cora(37),Bessie(23),Ethel(18),Harry Stover(12), Oakey Stover(8), Earl Stover(6).
Mason Co, Clendenin twp,p.3b,hh#47: James G Duncan(69), Marsella(64), Mary E(45)"dau", Grandchildren: Henry(21), Harvey(21), Rena(19), Boyd(16), Teb Duncan(12).
Mason Co, Clendenin,p.3b,hh#48: William Pearson(40), Lura J(37), Rosa(19), Earnest Pearson(17), Elma(14), Leland(12), Wanda(1yr 8mo). (Lura J. was the daughter of James G & Marsella Duncan)
Mason Co, Clendenin,p.3b,hh#50: Louis M Kinnaird(44), Jennie(41), Charlotte Kinnaird(16), Joseph Kinnaird(14), John Kinnaird(12), George Kinnaird(10), Milburn Kinnaird(1?).
Mason Co, Clendenin,p.4A,hh#52:Charles Henry(34),Minnie(33),Russell Henry(10),Ora Henry(12),Evelyn Henry(6),Harold(2yr3mo)
Mason Co, Hannan, p.6a: Charles F Duncan(36), Becca J(29), Albert(9), Myrtle Duncan(7), Burl(6), Ray(4), Everett(1). (Charles F Duncan is Worthey Duncan's brother)
Mason Co,Clendenin, hh#89: John H Caudill(46), Margaret(47), Lester(22), Garland Caudill(18), Edgley(15), L??(8)
Not sure who Bill Duncan, Herbert Snodgrass & Opal Snodgrass belong to. I didn't find them on the 1920 census.
Renee Paulson 8/04

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