History - Marshall County


St. Joseph German Settlement History - 3 Booklets
History of Marshall County, West Virginia, 1925 - See COMPLETE BOOK (Many Errors!)
History of the Upper Ohio Valley, Vol. 1, 1890
History of the Pan Handle, 1879 - Marshall County
Schools, Churches, Cemeteries - Marshall County - [New! Scanned book - 126 pgs]
History of Wheeling City & Ohio County, West Virginia
The History of Cameron, West Virginia
History & Genealogy of the Dague Family
Hartzell-McGary-Brake History & Genealogy
A Tree of Four Ancient Stocks - Hervey, Huey, McCombs, McCuskey


Pioneer Nurses of West Virginia

1924 Benwood Mine Disaster Memorial

Newspaper Columns by Becky Hadly Clutter

Marshall County Maps, Featuring 1871 Property Owners

Wheeling Area Virtual Trolley Museum

Wings Above the Water...
Aviation History in the Ohio Valley

A History of Garvin's Dairy

Boggs Run Families
The Yoho Family, Boggs Run
Abercrombie & Shipic Family, Boggs Run
Barlow Family of Boggs Run
The Burke Family of Boggs Run
The Clarke Family of Boggs Run
The Garvick Family, Boggs Run
Gollner-Gellner Family, Boggs Run
The Green Family, Boggs Run
Winesburg & Meisenhelder Families of Boggs Run
Remembering Bill Musilli
Sam Seabright & Family, Boggs Run
Southworth-Orum Family, Boggs Run
Memories of Boggs Run, by Herbert E. Steinman
2 PHOTO GALLERIES of Boggs Run (2009 & 2010)

Tributes to Genealogists
Dorothy Dakan Sedosky
Phyllis Dye Slater
Joel Mitchell Robinson Memorial
A Tribute to Henry & Naomi Lowe Hupp
Joseph D. Parriott, Historian, Author, Etc.
In Honor of Clarice (Eller) Stanley
Nancy Ann Hurst McMahon Ramsey, c1790-1856
Clyde Atkinson Orum Family
Remembering Monica Barrett Klug
Ludwig Wagenknecht Descendants
Joseph R. Higgins, Early Aviator in Marshall County
The Foreman Massacre, 1777
Thomas Wayman Family, Pioneers
Stella Karp - Murdered by John Sebert, 1928
The Murder of Mildred Moore, 1953
Bushrod Washington Price, 1808-1903
John W. Moore - Migrated to Iowa
Mary Ann Roberts Head - Iowa
John Gregg & Emily Bonar - Iowa
Valentine Butt & Sarah E. Dowler - Indiana
John Parker Reid, A Biography
Images: Little, Garvin, McDuff, & Barclay
Joseph William Seigh & A History of The Wheeling Can Company
Biography of Michael Edwards
Murder of Eli Yourkovich, Benwood, 1929
Robert C. Satterfield, Murderer, 1961
Myrtle Yost Mystery, 1901
Funeral of August Feller - Killed at Boggs Run Mines, 1897
First Miss Moundsville Turns 100
Some Ancestors of Mike Chedester
Dr. George William McKimmie
Some Ancestors of Mary A. Zervos
Adam Robert Pugh - Death On the B. & O. Railroad
The John Lowry Family
The Hohmann Family From Weiperz In America
Joseph & Mary Ann (Hawkey) Hohmann
Simms, Porter, & Hupp Families
Richmond Cemetery Sign Erected 1960
Sim's Index to Land Grants in West Virginia - Marshall County
Some Photos Related to the Parriott Family
The Wells Family in Marshall County
A Short Sketch of the Life of Henry Clarke
Rena Mathews' Autograph Book, 1890s
Peter Crow, Through 1870
First Richmond Family Reunion, 1926
Richmond Family Reunion, 1927
Death of Harriett Rigby
Tribute to John Boggs
Letter to Daniel Porter, 1886
Tomlinson Family Papers & Photos
McConn Family Research
James & Grace Blake Family
James & Grace Blake Letters
Presley Martin
Genealogical Gold - Family Reunions
The Jennings Gang
Lillian Harris, Loudenville Post Mistress, 1920
Myrtle's Jamboree Memorabilia
The Murder of Velma Lutes
New York Times Articles - Ohio & Marshall Counties
Letters from Cameron to J. P. Murphy
Criswell Family Bible Records
Lutes Family Funeral Records
Cameron-Loudenville People
Two Esso Employes Promoted
Marshall County Slavery Days
The Piechowicz Family
Irish Immigrant, Patrick Clarke
Bob & Eileen Harness
Bible Records - Several Families
Robert Marshall Family
The Gentleman From Marshall
Roosevelt Orders Moundsville Gun
The Quinton Clark Family
Photos - Gospel Trumpet Publishing Company
Of Interest to Visitors in City of Moundsville
Clara Hupp's Autograph Book
A Travis Family Photo
History of the Crow Family - Clan's Reunion 1931
Where Indians Massacred 3 Crow Sisters
A Community History of Glen Easton
Hubbs Reunion Great Family Gathering
Joseph William Phillippi
Homer Webster Collects Money For Polio Fund
Hadsell-Crow-Fox Pictures
The Hohmann Family
The James Lucas Family
Hupp Family Letters, Etc.
William Anderson Quigley
The Bromer Family Book
Guess Who's Up At Bat
The Dague Family
Captain William Forman
David McCracken, 1799-1875
William Grant Cunningham Family
The Simms & Hennen Families
The John Oscar McMillan Family
The William H. McMillan Family
The Andrew Crow Family Photos & Bible Records
Benjamin Manning, Son of Benjamin Manning, Jr.
John A. Brinkmeir Visited St. Joseph, 1906
B & O Trackman Killed Outright
John Roberts' Record Book, B & O Railroad, 1907-1912
Boy Scouts Save Lives Of Three Youths
Gr-Gr-Granddaughter Pays Funeral Bill of Ancestors
Criswell Sisters Killed, 1892
Denver Yoho - All The Family He Knew
Mrs. Allie Briggs Lydick, 1961
Photos Found In Log Cabin
John Dakan Family
Brown Reunion, 1929
Welsh Family Employment With B & O Railroad
John and Nancy (Sivert) Grandon
Harry L. Purdy Murdered
Rush Family of Marshall County
The Obituary of Col. John Parriott, 1855
Kenneth Berisford
John Wesley Lineberger
The Joseph Tomlinson Family
Directory of Fork Ridge Baptist Church, 1921-1922
Letter From John Martin To Son, Skinner Dolphus
Emma Virginia Hicks' Autograph Book, 1886-1888
The McHenry Family...Obits, Etc.
William Isaac Blakemore, 1810-1880
Captain John Baker
Descendants of George M. Loy
Miller-Pyles Bible Pages & Photos
Evans Family Photos
The Fluharty Chronicle
Travis Family Bible Records
Man In Tragic Story Once Lived In Area
Autobiography of Joshua J. Martin
Massa Jane Chambers Welling & Son, Edward
Elizabeth Cecil Chambers
The Dobbs Family
Letter From Morgan Jones
Wetzels In Marshall County
Caldwell-Carrigan History
Henry Covalt
Some Reynolds Family History
Louis Yanak, Sr. of Salzburg, Austria
The Gun Girl
Wiley Family Reunions
The McConaughey Family
The History of the Grandstaff Family
Dowler Family Reunions
The Sockman Family Bible
Starting of the Blake Family Reunion
The McGuffie Family
Yellow Gang (Benwood) Articles
Yellow Gang (Benwood) Articles (2)
Vincent Cockayne's Valley Farm - (Linda Fluharty)
Early Infirmary (Poor Farm) On Big Wheeling Creek - (Don Armstrong)
Infirmary Poor Farm (Moundsville Echo)
Poorhouse (Infirmary)
Minnie Nay Settlement House, Benwood - (Paula Zduncyk)
Marshall-Wetzel Line Markers
History of Welcome Community
A History of Garvin's Dairy
Church Serves Graysville for 112 Years
History of Industry in Cameron, 1921
Mexican Colony in Benwood, 1920s
Cameron Pottery Articles
Big Run History Article
Moundsville History - Written in 1877
The History of Fork Ridge Baptist Church
The History of Cameron, West Virginia
Marshall County Communities & Geographical Locations
Marshall County's Water Powered Grist Mills
Cameron Map, 1899
Booklet & History of Wolf Run Presbyterian Church
Forts of West Virginia
Boggs Run
Boggs Run - Interesting Events...
Boggs Run Tunnel
Beeler's Station
Big Wheeling Creek
Board Tree
Bonnett House Is Historic Site
Camp Grounds
Camp Grounds - Moundsville
Delf Norona Museum
Fish Creek Sixty and Seventy Years Ago
Fork Ridge
Glen Dale
Glen Easton
Glen Easton (2)
Gormly Camp/Ragtown
Long Run
Lynn Camp
Marshall County
McMechen - The Tomahawk Claim
The Village of Meighen, West Virginia
The Mammoth Mound
The Mound
Moundsville Public Library
Mozart Incline
Old Bear Wallow On Roberts Ridge
Ohio River Ferry At Moundsville
Pleasant Valley
Reynolds Memorial Hospital
Rock Lick
Roseby's Rock
History of Sand Hill Methodist Church
Settlement At McMechen
St. Joseph's Settlement
St. Matthew's Lutheran Church - History
Warrior Trail
Wells Bottom
Schools, Churches, Cemeteries - (Book)
The Old State Penitentiary:
Work & Hope - W.Va. Prison Magazine, 1927
Moundsville Penitentiary, 1929 - Published by Inmates
Penitentiary Hangings Through 1929
The Old WV State Penitentiary
Death in Prison
The Creation of Marshall County
A Railway Horror - Glen Easton, 1887 - Article 2 - Glen Easton, 1887
Terrible Accident On B & O at Bellton, 1879 - Article 2 - Bellton, 1879
RATS - Articles from the Echo, 1921-1922
Benwood Bank Embezzlement, 1925
Benwood Bank Embezzlement, 1930
Marshall County Centennial Celebration Program, 1935
Riggs Family Reunion Ledger, 1927-1932
Attack On Fort Henry, 1782
Events of 1777
1921 Military Plane Crash
Barn Struck By Lightening
Indian-Settler Conflicts
1924 Coal Mine Disaster, Benwood, West Virginia
1924 Coal Mine Disaster Hero - Pardoned
1924 Coal Mine Disaster - Joey Tellitocci
1926 Coal Mine Disaster, Glen Dale, West Virginia
Contest For Possession Of Round Bottom
Explosion At New Riverside Blast Furnace
News Items
Trinity Episcopal Church Confirmations
Newspaper Columns by Becky Hadly Clutter
The Pioneer Wedding
Visit Southdown Plantation
Marshall County Newspapers
Coal Mining
(No longer active)
Virtual Genealogy Society History Heroes
Marshall County Genealogy Gathering, 1999
Marshall County Genealogy Gathering, 2000
Marshall County Genealogy Gathering, 2001

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