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  • Calhoun County
  • Greenbrier County
  • Hancock County
  • Harrison County
  • Marshall County
  • McDowell County
  • Mineral County
  • Nicholas County
  • Ohio County
  • Pleasants County
  • Raleigh County
  • Roane County
  • Tyler County
  • Wyoming County
  • Misc W. Va. Military Info on other
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  • Soldiers From Tygart's Valley, Randolph County, (W.)Va.


  • 700 Pensioners - In area that is now W. Va.
  • Jacob Staley, Pension Application
  • Peter Staley, Pension Application
  • D. A. R. Applications - Hezekiah Wade

  • WAR OF 1812

  • Grave of John C. Crouch
  • Pension Claim - Widow of George W. McCray


  • Civil War: West Virginia
  • 1890 Special Veterans' Census
  • The Civil War Medals of WV -- Where Are They?
  • Men in Gray: Confederate Soldiers of Central West Virginia
  • George Tyler Moore Civil War Center - Shepherd College
  • Confederate Soldiers of West Virginia
  • West Virginia In The Civil War
  • Civil War Photos, U.S. Army Military History Institute
  • The Unclaimed Civil War Medals of WV
  • Company "C" 133rd Upshur County Militia
  • West Virginia Militias
  • The Soldiers & Sailors System - Civil War
  • 37th G. A. R. Encampment, Kansas
  • 1866 West Virginia Senate - Some Civil War Vets
  • Judge David F. Pugh
  • Brevet Major General Benjamin W. Brice
  • Co. K. 5th Pa. Infantry - James Jefferson Freeland
  • Battle of Lewisburg
  • Confederate Deaths - Battle of Droop Mountain
  • Union Deaths - Battle of Droop Mountain


    1st West Virginia Cavalry
  • 1st West Virginia Cavalry Website
  • Grave of Samuel H. Bryan, Company "G"
    2nd West Virginia Cavalry
  • John G. Cornwell, Company "A"
  • Lemuel H. Davis, Company "D"
  • Sgt. Maj. John Duke, Company "B"
  • William H. Fountain, Company "H"
  • William H. Miller, Company "I"
  • Darius B. Peck, Companies "A" & "E"
  • Joseph Trax, Company "B"
  • Grave of Charles Walden, Company "G"
  • Ebenezer Erskine Wilson, Company "C"
  • Jeremiah M. Wilson, Company "C"
    3rd West Virginia Cavalry
  • James William Custer, Company "E"
  • Obituary & Grave, John S. W. Dean, Company "M"
  • Grave of James P. Lanum, Company "L"
  • Charles Henry McLane, Company "D"
  • Obit - John L. McMurray, Company "H"
  • John Miller, Company "M"
  • Oscar L. Moore, Company "M"
  • 3rd West Virginia Cavalry Monument, Gettysburg, PA
  • Grave of William H. Riley, Company "E"
  • Grave of John Smith, Company "C"
  • Grave of Reuben Southern, Company "G"
  • William Thompson, Company "D"
  • Grave of John Tracy, Company "H"
  • Grave of David B. Trowbridge, Company "E"

    4th West Virginia Cavalry

  • Grave of Joseph Cain, Company "L"
  • Grave of Isaac N. Collins, Company "C"
  • William Harrison Cox, 4th W.Va. Cavalry & 1st L. A.
  • Grave & Obit of Jacob B. Pyles, Company "L"
  • Grave of James Rush, Company "F"
  • Grave of Jesse B. Smith, Company "D"
  • Grave of William A. Westbrook, Company "G"
    5th West Virginia Cavalry - (Formerly 2nd Inf.)
  • 5th Cavalry (2nd Infantry) Regimental History
  • Grave of Richard Pyburn, Company "A"
  • Grave of Eli Roberts, Company "K"
  • Grave of Hiram White, Company "E"
    6th West Virginia Cavalry - (Formerly 3rd Inf.)
  • Grave of John Berdine, Company "A" 3rd Inf.
  • 2nd Lt. Richard Whiting Blue, Companies "A" & "F"
  • Grave of Jacob W. Core, Company "K"
  • Grave of Samuel S. Davis (1830-1894), Company "L"
  • (1) Grave of James Dean, Company "G" - (2) Death of James Dean.
  • George W. Gull, Company "D"
  • Isaac S. Hartley, Company "I"
  • Grave of Gulielmus Law, Company "K" 6 Cav. (error on stone?)
  • Grave of Frederick Lenhart, Company "H"
  • John Nelson Mays, Companies "A" & "F"
  • Benjamin McKinney (McKimmy), Company "E"
  • Francis McKinney (McKimmy), Company "E"
  • John Sommerville, Company "K"
    7th West Virginia Cavalry - (Formerly 8th Inf.)
  • Grave of Com. Sgt. Wilson Fisher, Company "M"
  • Grave of Charles Charlton, Company "D"
  • Samuel J. Hall, Company "D"
  • Obit of Anderson Pauley, Company "C"
  • Grave of Captain J. M. Reynolds, Company "D"
  • Grave of James E. Scott, Company "D"
  • Obituary of Lt. Lawrence Sprague, Company "C"
    1st West Virginia Infantry
  • 1st West Virginia Infantry Website
    2nd West Virginia Infantry - (Later 5th Cavalry)
  • 5th Cavalry (2nd Infantry) Regimental History
  • Thomas C. Truman, Company "C"
    3rd West Virginia Infantry - (Later 6th Cavalry)
    4th West Virginia Infantry
  • William A. Allen, Company "H"
  • Grave of Edward M. Atkinson, Company "B"
  • Grave of John Banks, Company "E"
  • Grave of James Beach, Company "A"
  • Lt. Alpheus Beall, Company "H"
  • Robert H. Beaty, Musician
  • Grave & Obit of James R. Cox, Company "I" - (Also 2nd Vet. Inf.)
  • Grave & Obit of Robert Hardy, Company "B"
  • Grave of Lewis Love, Company "A"
  • Grave of Alfred F. M. O'Brian, Company "C"
    5th West Virginia Infantry
  • Grave of Corp. John L. Allen, Co. "K"
  • History & Life of John A. Bowen
  • Obit & Grave of William H. Hobbs, Co. "H"
  • Grave of John S. Justice, Co. "C"
  • Grave of Corp'l. Vincent Linn, Cos. "C" & "D"
  • Samuel Moore, Company "K"
  • Medal of Jacob McDowell: A Journey In Time & Distance
  • Grave of Robert Neill, Co. "I"
    6th West Virginia Infantry
  • Grave of Elias Channel, Company "K"
  • Grave of Uriah Corwell (probably Uriah Cornwell, Company "N")
  • Grave of Jesse Daily, Company "N"
  • Grave of Remembrance L. Ferguson, Company "N"
  • Grave of Hiram Gump, Company "N"
  • Grave of Henry Henderson, Company "N"
  • Grave of Abraham Hixenbaugh, Company "N"
  • Grave of Laton Hoffman, Company "N"
  • Grave of Isaac Koon, Company "B"
  • Grave of William B. Martin, Company "N"
  • James Henry Norman, Company "K"
  • Grave of Amos K. Steed, Company "D"
  • Grave & Obit of Henson L. Stout, Company "K"
  • Grave of Armour Strosnider, Company "N"
  • Henry C. McDougal & Benj. S. Pitzer, Company "A"
  • Grave of Lt. Wm. R. McDonald, Company "L"
  • James Moore, Company "G"
  • Grave of Emanuel Six, Company "N"
  • Grave of John B. Tallman, Company "A"
  • Grave of Nelson Thomas, Company "N"
  • Grave of Joseph Nagle
  • Grave of Jacob M. Smith, Company "G"
  • John/Jehu Truman, Corp'l, Company "G" - Grave & Article
  • Charles Wade, Company "C")
  • Grave of Harrison Wright, Company "D"
    7th West Virginia Infantry
  • 7th Infantry, Company "B"
  • Grave of John L. Bernard, Company "B"
  • Grave of William Bosworth, Company "A"
  • Grave of Norval Brown, Company "A"
  • Grave of Thomas O. Cline, Company "D"
  • Samuel N. Conner, Company "A" - PHOTO 2
  • Grave of Silas Danley, Company "A"
  • Grave of William G. Davis, Company "G"
  • Christopher Dorff, Company "C"
  • Captain John Fordyce, Company "A"
  • Grave of William Geho, Company "F"
  • Grave of William M. Gidley, Company "F"
  • Grave of Philip Gump, Company "A"
  • Graves of Lt. John D. Heslep & Thaddeus S. Heslep
  • Grave of Thomas J. Huffman, Company "A"
  • Grave of Abraham Kizer, Company "B"
  • Grave of John Lightner, Company "F"
  • Joseph & Francis Lynch, Ancestors of Jessica Lynch
  • Grave of Lt. Jesse May, Company "B" + Obit
  • Grave of Dennis R. Meighen, Company "F"
  • Jacob Mercer, Companies "C" & "K"
  • Grave of Jacob Myer, Company "C"
  • Grave of Henry Pethtel, Company "F"
  • Henry Riffle, Company "B"
  • Grave of Timothy W. Ross, Company "F"
  • Grave of Isaac R. Smith, Company "E"
  • Grave of Abraham Taylor, Company "F"
  • Lorenzo Davis Ullom, Company "G"
  • Grave of William White, Company "C"
    8th West Virginia Infantry - (Later 7th Cavalry)
    9th West Virginia Infantry
  • James Buckbee, Company "K"
  • Solomon Hood, Company "F"
  • John M. & Oliver Phelps, 9th W. Va. Infantry
  • Edgar C. Wilson, Company "K"
    10th West Virginia Infantry
  • Mathew Atkinson, Company "F"
  • Grave of Edward H. Ballard, Company "A"
  • Grave of Isaac W. Bouse, Asst. Surgeon
  • Grave of Washington Boggs, Company "A"
  • Grave of Corpl. Charles Boyke, Company "D"
  • Grave of George W. Chapman, Company "E"
  • Grave of John M. Crumrine, Company "C"
  • Brevet Major-General Thomas Maley Harris
  • Grave of King David Lee, Company "D"
  • Grave of John M. Randall, Company "K"
  • Grave of Jacob Rhome, Company "A"
  • Grave of James F. Richmond, Company "C"
  • Discharge of Simon Roberts, Company "K"
  • Grave of Corpl. Armstead Sexton, Company "E"
  • Grave of Andrew F. Smith, Company "D"
  • Grave of George Darley Walton, Company "A"
  • Grave of Lemuel Wood, Company "H"
    11th West Virginia Infantry
  • Grave of Robert Boner, Company "C"
  • Grave of Granville W. Cox
  • Grave of Daniel G. Gump, Company "A"
  • Grave of David N. Heatherly, Company "H"
  • Baltis A. Higgins, Co. "F" 11th Infantry
  • Grave of James M. Jones, Co. "G"
  • Grave of Thomas Shaver, Co. "K"
  • Samuel Wilson Nester, Co. "C"
  • Captain Lewis Smith, Co. "H"
  • James A. Wood, Company "H"
    12th West Virginia Infantry
  • 12th West Virginia Infantry Website
  • Grave of Anson McDaniel, Company "H"
    13th West Virginia Infantry
  • Grave & Obit of Alexander Boles, Company "F"
  • Grave of John H. Duke, Company "H"
  • George McDaniel, Company "C"
  • Grave of John F. McGuire, Company "K"
    14th West Virginia Infantry
  • Obit of Marcellus H. Cobun, Company "B"
  • Obit & Grave of Henry Howell, Company "C"
  • Biography of James Frederick Porter, Company "I"
  • Obit of Jeremiah M. Prince, Company "D"
  • Grave of Robert N. Richardson, Altoona KS
    15th West Virginia Infantry
  • Mathew Atkinson, Company "K"
  • Moses B. Batt, Company "E"
  • Grave of Anthony Christian, Company "H"
  • Grave of William G. Hacker, Company "B"
  • John Jennings ("Jennings Gang")
  • Col. Maxwell McCaslin
  • Marion McKinney (McKimmy), Company "E"
  • Grave of John K. Rice, Company "H"
    16th West Virginia Infantry
  • Grave of Ezra K. Longley, Company "H"
    17th West Virginia Infantry
  • Grave of Corp'l Noble T. Cummins, Company "H"
  • Grave of Josiah Horner, Company "G"
  • Grave of Abraham Kimble, Company "A"
  • Grave of Madison M. McDaniel, Company "K"
  • Grave of Jacob W. Ogle, Company "H"
  • Grave of Jacob C. Powell, Company "C"
  • Grave of William Snodgrass, Company "D"
  • Grave of Hiram Springer, Company "E"
  • Grave of Lt. Andrew Vickers, Company "G"
    1st West Virginia Light Artillery
  • Carlin's Battery "D" 1st West Virginia Light Artillery
  • Grave & Obit of Adolphus Ashcraft, Battery "E"
  • Grave & Obit - John Bachli, Battery "A"
  • George W. Burnett, Battery "H"
  • Grave of John Henning, Battery "C"
  • Grave of Mathew M. McCormick, Company "G"
  • Grave of William Mercer, Battery "B"
  • David Tschappat, Battery "H"
    1st West Virginia Veteran Infantry
  • Edgar C. Wilson, Company "H"
    2nd West Virginia Veteran Infantry
  • Grave & Obit of James R. Cox, Company "A" - (Also in 4th WV Inf.)
  • Grave of Alfred F. M. O'Brian, Company "A"
  • Grave of James M. Pierson, Company "C" - (In 4th Inf., then 2nd Vet. Inf.)
    45th U.S. Colored Infantry - West Virginia Troops
  • 45th U.S. Colored Infantry - Many W.Va. Medals Unclaimed
    West Virginia Militia Soldiers
  • Henry E. Pugh, Pocahontas Scouts
  • Theophilus Coffman, 176th Militia, Marion County
    West Virginia Miscellaneous - Union
  • G.A.R. Reunion, July 13, 1919 (Submitted by Douglas Hooper.)


  • Amick's Rangers
    8th Virginia Cavalry
    10th Virginia Heavy Artillery
  • Grave of William A. Davis, Company "A"
    16th Virginia Cavalry
    17th Virginia Cavalry
  • 17th Virginia Cavalry - Book & Bios
  • Grave of Corpl. Andrew J. Hardway, Company "B"
  • Company "F" Roster
    20th Virginia Cavalry
  • Grave of Elymas (Elmus) Wesley Hamilton, Company "H"
    22nd Virginia Infantry
  • Grave of Ballard M. Shumate, Company "F"
    25th Virginia Infantry
  • Grave of Andrew W. Ware, Company "G"
  • Grave of Henry T. Ware, Company "G"
    27th Virginia Infantry
  • The Shriver Grays
    30th Battalion Virginia Sharpshooters
  • Harvey S. Tracy, Co. "B"
    31st Virginia Infantry
  • Captain Joseph "French" Harding, Company "F"
  • The Mystery of Jacob S. Bennett, Company "K"
    62nd Virginia Mounted Infantry
  • Grave of Franklin W. Holden, Company "G"
  • Grave of Balaam Teter, Company "C"


  • Benjamin C. Criswell - Medal of Honor Recipient


  • Soldiers of the Great War - West Virginia
  • 314th Field Artillery - Book
  • 314th Field Artillery - Supply Company


  • National World War II Memorial
  • Ray Master and Leo Stemple
  • Some West Virginia World War II Veterans
  • The Grave of Leander Reel in the Netherlands
  • Jack R. Shaffer, 314th Infantry


  • West Virginia Korean War Casualties


  • West Virginia Vietnam War Casualties



  • Casualties of ‘Enduring Freedom’


  • Jessica Lynch, U. S. Army. P.O.W.


  • Some Mason County, West Virginia Veterans

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