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 ....is the smallest county in the state, and the farthest north, being at the tip of the state's Northern Panhandle.

It was created from Brooke County in 1848, and named for John Hancock, first signer of the Declaration of Independence.
Its county seat is New Cumberland. When researching in the boundaries of Hancock you will need to know that Brooke County was apart of Ohio County til 1797 an Yohogania Co, West Augusta in 1782. The southern most boundary of Yohoghania at the time is the current Cross Creek of Brooke County WV. Be sure to research in the correct county records depending what time your ancestors lived in this panhandle. 

  City of Chester ~ City of New Cumberland ~ City of Weirton (most of the city)

  Chestnut Hill ~ Congo ~  Fairhaven ~ Kings Creek ~ Lawrenceville ~ Lennyville ~ Moscow ~ New Manchester ~ Newell ~ Sun Valley

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